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4 thoughts on “Contact Me.

  1. Hend Hawas says:

    Farida Ezzat, in the toughest of times, you make us smile when we awake and realise that we have such gifted and eloquent Egyptians as yourself. This gives us hope…a positive view of the future…a feeling that, as we hold on to each other, we will make it!
    Hend Hawas


  2. Marwan says:

    I loved reading your last piece about prominent female Egyptian figures. I disagree with the introduction that you wrote. I would not label women in Egypt as oppressed. I believe women do have rights and opportunities socially and professionally as men. There are Egyptian women heading billion dollar corporations. There certainly is a glass ceiling but compared to the world, we are more leaning towards socially equality (European and western laws) than oppression (Iran and Afghanistan for example). As a writer, please do research and consider the words that you type. As an Egyptian, I do not have a problem, the problem appears when a foreigner reads your well written article and believes that women are indeed oppressed now compared to older times. There are many women who are leaders in their fields besides the women that you highlighted and you should make sure that people understand that these 20 examples are a mere sample, rather than an exception.
    Thank you for the article, it makes me proud to be Egyptian


    • faridaezzat says:

      Dear Marwan,

      Thank you for your comment. My introduction introduced women throughout history and women in Egypt of all cultural and religious views. I have done my research. The women you speak of, those that are not as oppressed, are not the majority. I urge to read about women in the rural areas of Egypt, which constitutes the majority of women. Some women are not even given the right to obtain a birth certificate. Also, I have mentioned in my introduction that this is just a sample of women that existed and still exist.

      But again, thank for your comment.


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